Diary of a mom: Dear Mom & Dad, you are doing a great job

A note of Wow to us parents & to our kids. We don’t say this enough that we are winning this. Time tables, meetings, School pickups, exams, deadlines; there is so much on each of our plates & yet we wing it everyday. Frayed nerves, sleepy eyes, some tantrums, spilled milk, still we have cuddle & stories at the end of each day.

Being a parent is not easy. We are always on the run, there are always tasks to be completed, household chores to be finished, bills to be paid and in between all that we have the responsibility of ensuring the safety, well being and happiness of these little ones in our lives, who are completely dependent on us. It even gets overwhelming at times, all this responsibility but all the same we love the feeling of being parents.

It’s been 2 months since we suddenly moved this one to big school. I was scared & we were unprepared. Days begin at 6:00 AM & it’s hard waking up a sleepy baby. It’s harder putting an excited 3 yo to bed at night. We have slipped into a schedule that needs clock work precision. We have learnt to match our office timings with school pickups & drops so that we can have a schedule.

Last 2 months have been hectic. Both of us travelled & managed solo parenting. Boy that is hard! I was away from Baby A for more than 2/3 nights. I left on a Saturday, came back Sunday midnight ,was with him for the night, left for office in the morning after dropping him to school & flew out directly in the evening, came back 2 days later. So a looong time away from my baby. Amazingly, each time we left (either of us) we told him in advance that we will be away & he understood ❤️


One day he was unwell so I took a half day & came back. Next day tall A worked from home so I could go to work. On the day we had a meeting with the grade teacher, we both came back in the afternoon, attended the meeting, tall A went back to his office while I took baby home. Another day he had a bad cold & fell asleep in the class so I rushed back home to pick him home as Tall A was in a meeting at that time; rushing back for me means driving 20 kms. Last week we both went to office 2 hours late as it was his 1st presentation. Neither of us wanted to miss it. So when I had a killing back pain & tall A had an infection we popped some pills & went to office. Yup no sick days once you are a parent. We attended all the events & meetings.

So yeah it’s not easy for working parents. It’s not easy for one working parent families either as the schedules are still crazy; pick drop, extra curricular, project works Phew! And Mommies who solo parent; salute to you. And if you have two kids with different schedules then WOW.

And hugs to all of us. We are doing an amazing job. AMAZING. I don’t believe the kind of responsibility we all carry around now.

Some days I sit & think about the time when I was working, still unmarried & living with my parents. All I had to do was get up, eat, dress up, help with some chores around the house & do what I wanted to do, which was even nothing at times.

How much has life changed since then. But I know I am going to cherish these moments too.

And kudos to these tiny kids; it’s their support , love & understanding that is the reason this all works so well. So a huge applause to us parents and Kids. We are awesome sauces ❤️

Until next time

Love 💕 Smita