I am mom who documents her momlife. Atleast that is how my blogging came into being. Not because I am an expert at this, but because I just love to share my love story with my teeny weeny baby A with you guys. I am not an expert at anything but in fact a student at this parenting class. One of the things that I have learnt during this journey is how important it is to be conscious of the environment and of our health. This has led me to adapt to a healthier lifestyle and adopt sensible products in my life like the Vaya DRYNK tumblers. I know I am now a much more aware person than I was three years ago. Words like Chemical Free, Safe, Natural, Organic feature a lot in my life now. How you ask? Well I know how important it is to teach my son the importance of staying away from processed and unnatural things which are harmful to both our health and to the environment. 1. I read the label of each and every product that I pick up. If need be, I google to know more about the ingredients used. 2. I have removed all refined stuff from my pantry. We only use Cold pressed oils or Full fat mediums.3. We have replaced white sugar with jaggery sugar 4. We only use surfate and paraben free grooming products 5. I never use any packaged, ready to eat food. Be it soups, curries, dips, or such. If it doesn’t need cooking, It probably isn’t great for the body6. Same goes for highly processed foods. 7. I always switch off the fan while getting down from the elevator. Well Of course, only if no one else is inside. Trust me small things also count8. We use the AC at saver mode in our house 9. We try to buy hand made and preferably wooden toys for baby A. Well, not 100% successful in this one but trying.10. I Workout at least 5 days a week. This one is a 10 year old habit but I had slowed down a little post baby. But now again doing it religiously 11. We try to avoid plastic as much as possible and only allow BPA free plastics to some extent. And that is the reason we use glass bottles and jugs for storing water at home and the Vaya DRYNK tumblers for carrying beverages or water.

I even carry this to my gym. Drinking water is extremely important even during working out and my Vaya DRYNK sippers is my perfect companion to carry protein shakes or even cold water.

These tumblers are so stylish that I love flaunting them at my gym. At least my tumbler has a great bod, even if I don’t have one ?.

Gym Workout Selfie

These come with two lids; a sipper and a gulper lid. And have 2 attached cups to pour your beverages in and drink.

We had been on a small road trip few days back and I made hot tea and carried it in my Vaya DRYNK flask. When we stopped for a break, I just poured out the hot tea in the cups and we enjoyed our refreshing cuppa ☕️

Vaya Drynk tumbler

1. These flasks are made of stainless steel body so they are sturdy and are BPA Free. yay

2. These are VacuTherm Insulated and keep liquids hot for upto 12 hours and cold for 18 hours straight. In this summer heat, I carry my home made chaanch and avoid packaged juices and cold drinks.

3. It has an anti slip coaster base

4. The lid has a magnetic latch and there is no chance of spilling

5. The design is easy to hold on to and sip from, even while I am walking.

6. The design is very stylish and comes in 4 colours and 2 size variants ; 350ml and 600 ml. The 350 ml is a perfect fit for my purse and for my car’s cup holder, to carry my coffee in and the 600 ml is a perfect gym companion for me

7. The flasks are very easy to clean because of their wide rim

8. Available at 1290/- and 1490/- respectively. There are offers running on the site so check them out now

Now this sipper is a constant addition in my gym bag. If you want yours to flaunt check out the Vaya India Site now.

Until next time , love , Smita