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What has been your most absurd Interview experience?

Recently I resolved to regain some control on my life and decided to make some amends. One of them was a job switch. I realised I had become complacent about my growth & had probably stopped investing efforts on myself.

While, I began looking for better opportunities in one of the worst possible times (Covid has not been beneficial for the economy) I also revisited the fact that the working environment for women can be terribly sexist & ageist.

Working women have to face inherent Sexism
What not to ask a woman in an interview

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I am not saying that women don’t get equal opportunities but the disparity faced by women in the workplace is not a secret. Blatant sexism is sometimes so ingrained that it’s considered normal. Even my husband is unable to fathom the differences unless I share how my experiences of a particular situation differs from his.
Eg. I had been on a job hunt past few months & I am grateful that I landed a few good opportunities but I also came across a prejudiced mentality that women have to tackle, even in this post ‘me too’ era.

Here are a couple of questions I was asked casually by different hiring managers at different times In 2021

  1. Your spouse is well placed, why do you want to work?
  2. Can you send us a full length professional photograph!
  3. What are your family plans/ do you plan to have another child!
  4. Who takes care of your baby?
  5. We want a male for this role as it involves a lot of travelling!

    I found all these above statements discriminatory coz I feel these aren’t posed to all genders. I find it biased that the criterion for selection differs for different genders. I would love to hear your thoughts on this and also want to know what has been your experience. Have you also come across ingrained prejudice at the workplace which is based on your gender?

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