Fun post. I was tagged on Instagram to share 5 funny facts about me. As you all only know me on social media ; so I decided to share some more about me. Coz, I ain’t already enough of a narcissist ? and I ain’t already over share?) so here goes: 5 Funny Facts about me

1. I am a stickler for cleanliness & organising. Though not fully OCD but I have traits. I need to keep my house clean & pretty, like NEED. I actually get a headache if it’s untidy. Before going to sleep everyday I need to clean up every room & also put every thing in its place, else I can’t fall asleep.

I need to hang my clothes in matching hangers, all facing one side ? .

2. I don’t like eating ice creams (weird but true) but I can make ice creams at home. (I did a course in ice creams and baking etc)

3.I am fully trained in Kathak dance and classical music. But I Haven’t set foot on a stage in the last 10 years. I can also embroider, know Madhubani and Glass painting, make soft toys and do tons of DIY and crafts at home. See the painting behind me? (It’s the Bong in me I think ?)


4. I hate my feet and I believe that I have small, disproportionate legs. Meaning that my legs are not like a normal person’s legs and are not properly proportioned. (Don’t try to explain it to me, I have weird beliefs ?)

5. I am biased about Biryani and can only eat the authentic Bengali Chicken / Mutton Biryani with the Alloo (potato) and Dim Sheddho (Boiled Egg). All other Biryanis are dust to me and I feel they are masquerading as Biryanis. I have no tolerance towards them. ? Yes Kolkata Biryani is my fav food & YES I have given up on it since I went Keto. I don’t love rice so much though

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6. I have a very beautiful handwriting. I used to score 5 marks extra in every effing exam.

Oh no . 6 already ?

Hope you enjoyed reading and do share with me about yourself too ?

Until next time,

Love, Smita


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