This little guy fell ill last week and it was pretty harrowing for all of us but the little prayers from all of you where like drops of joy and help in an otherwise tough moment. I am glad to say that baby A is doing well now and his viral fever has subsided. But this got me thinking about how tough it is when your little child falls ill. And also how important it is to increase immunity in children.

As I am a full time working mom, baby A spends the day at daycare. Babies who go to a daycare are prone to catch more infections, but that doesn’t mean we cant try and boost immunity. As a toddler, baby A is prone to have less immunity than an adult.

He did catch a bad bout of viral fever which continued for 5 days and we ended up missing his cousin sister’s birthday which we had promised to attend. You can’t always follow through on plans once you have kids right? I am sure all you parents out their will agree. I am sad that he missed the party today, he sure would have enjoyed with his sisters. But we will make it up to them over the weekend. ?

Now comes my point about how to increase immunity in kids and what do you do when toddlers catch viral fever/ cough & cold.

Here are a couple of points.

?Expose your child to outside environment, keeping them cooped up isn’t going to help. Let them come in contact with open air

?Increase the intake of fruits & veggies. Add them in their food. One of my favorite ideas is I add boiled vegetables like spinach, carrot etc in the dough for rotis or breads. I also grate them and add it in the dough. You can al

?Always wash hands before eating, and when they come back from outside. in case of toddlers this is specially tough as they have the dirtiest hands ?I always carry wet wipes with me to ensure that I can clean his hands from time to time.

?Let them sleep for longer periods ?This one is a good advise for you too ?

?Change the towels, bed sheets, and throw away toothbrushes often

?Now this one is the most important point , DO NOT pressurize your paed to write antibiotics and do unnecessary tests. This time this was really hard for me, as baby A’s fever was persistent for 3 days plus and I was getting scared. So, I ran to my paed twice and asked him to do some tests. Thankfully, he is a great doctor and advised against it and dint even give any antibiotics but only mild crocin and asked us to be patient and just continue with steaming and sponging etc. So the point is if you trust your doctor then listen to him. Else if you have any misgivings then in any case you should always trust your instincts and get a second opinion.

Take care and be happy.