Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they will become.” – Brooke Hampton

Why to talk to your toddler

I don’t know if it correct or not but I talk to baby A in the same way I will talk to an adult; with respect, love and admiration. I know half of what he says isn’t too important, (just now he was telling me that the big cat is making noises outside) but to him it is very important.

Why to listen to your toddler

For me it may not be something big when he tells me that he can jump on the bed. But to him it is big. To my toddler everything is important; he has no notion of important, unimportant, big, small. To him all things in the world are new and filled with amazement. And to me it is important to protect that awe and amazement in his innocence as long as I can.


I listen to him with my full attention and show him that I am as overjoyed as him. That is when I can; trust me it’s not like I am perfect at this all the time. It has to be worked upon, even I get irritated at times when may be I am in the hot kitchen and he is hanging onto my jammies and babbling. I too snap sometimes and ask him to go play elsewhere but as I grow mommier , I am also leaning that it is important to cherish each of these moments and admire all that it brings.

However long the day may have been.

So I learn to pick my son up, and answer his questions, which go like this. “Are you cooking!”, “is it hot?”, “I want to cook!” And many more such very important pieces of conversation happen between us.

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from my toddler

He is also at that age where he makes up stories and uses a lot of his imagination about so many things. And all I have to do is listen to all of this as excitedly and with as much trust in it as he puts in telling these stories. I believe his stories, I am as excited to listen to all of it. Because I know that if now I don’t think this is important, soon he will start believing that it is not important.

And I don’t want him to ever stop believing.

Until next time, Smita