Someone complimented me a few days ago that I do so much and that I am managing the work life balance for a working mom so well. As much as I loved the compliment, I want to tell you this if knowingly or unknowingly I somehow set up an image of being this person who is doing so much then I want to tell you I am sorry. It’s a fake picture. I am not always awesome. I am not totally bad, but the awesome is only in parts.

And I collect those parts and post it on my page.

15 tips for work-life balance for working mothers
15 tips for work-life balance for working mothers

Acing work-life balance for a working mom

Every mother multitasks. It’s just that me being someone who is active on social media, my tasks get uploaded here more often.

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But as far as managing a work life balance for a working mom goes.

Here are  a few life mantras which I have learnt.

  • Find your own balance:

Perfect Work life balance is a myth. There is no balance. We all have a diff situation in our life & we work accordingly. Find what works for you & don’t compare to other women. You may have different sectors, diff jobs, diff hours that you need to put in. Some may need to work 9-5 at office, others may choose lesser hours, someone may have long days &nights. Some may have a lot of travel another may have a work from home part. You can’t get the same thing as another.

  • Evaluate your situation and commitments

Evaluate 3 things about your job: What type of work/ hours work for you? What are your goals? and What type of part can you get?

15 tips for work-life balance for working mothers
15 tips for work-life balance for working mothers
  • Perfection is a myth; don’t strive for it in your Work-life balance

I love my family and I love my job but some days giving the best at both isn’t possible. Some days the meetings run late & I drive at break neck speed trying to reach the daycare and yet I am the last mom there picking up her kid. Other days I take the day off because my son is not well & the meeting at work would need to be postponed. One day I am too tired to even heat up the food that my cook made. Other days I love it when my boys lick off the plates & I have to make another helping. There is no magical balance; it’s a daily hustle of choosing that day’s priorities. But we are ALL doing our best.

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  • The Mom guilt ain’t going anywhere sister

Mom guilt never goes away. It’s hard to stay away from him all day; harder to drop him everyday at daycare when he says he wants to stay with us. But after a long day and long drive; when I see him running towards me. That hug that we share then makes it all worth it. Squeeze in a few more hugs and kisses. Hold them more & make the most of the time that you do get together.

  • Commit only as much you can

Evaluate what you want from your job? And don’t over commit. The job scene is typically unfair towards the women work force in general. Glass ceilings do exist.

15 tips for work-life balance for working mothers
15 tips for work-life balance for working mothers
  • Let go of some controls and delegate

Evaluate your support and use it. There is no shame in asking for help and it is your right. There is no medals at the end of it even if you do everything on your own. Delegate and let go a bit. Work with your family and spouse. I was not born as super woman & I don’t try to become one

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  • You can’t do it all

Take up on your plate only as much as you can handle. Your job is a part of you, not the whole you. Compromise where you need to but only if you want to do it.

  • Take a break

Take rest and some time off. A was sick & then I got the bug. It’s hard to take leaves always and harder to work while sick. So I try and take it easy sometimes. It’s ok to sit back & not try to do everything.

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  • Choose your priorities wisely

Other things can wait. Let go of useless relations, unworthy commitments and unrealistic expectations. You are neither Superwoman nor Nutella. Don’t try to to do all and definitely don’t try to please all.

  • Delegate household chores/ outsource as much as you can.
  • Shop online if you can
  • Don’t waste time with people who you don’t care for.
  • Give yourself time too
  • Say no to things.

So, working mamas, don’t forget you are doing the best. You are the best mom in the world and an amaing hustler.

Until Next time,

Love, Smita