You guys are always asking me about Keto and how to start it. Firstly, I want to tell you that I am not an expert. The whole point of me writing about my journey is because I want to share my experiences. I have also read a lot, talked a lot & sought guidance from the experts on this field. And I wanted to lay out some simple rules about how to start the Keto Diet.

Before starting anything it’s very important that you are aware about it totally. So please do your own research first. I have quite A few posts under #theavgmomketo hashtag on my Instagram page. Feel free to read them and save these for your reference. Also watch videos by Dr Rice berg and other experts. Don’t be scammed by people selling you quick fix solutions.

To help you get started and make it easier, here’s are a few simple points to keep in mind on How to start Keto Diet
  1. Initially focus on which foods you need to avoid and stay away from those. These include all simple carbs, white carbs and Sugar in all forms.

2. Don’t stress too much about Macros or calories. In the beginnning eat till you are not hungry anymore but ensure that you only eat Keto food. Slowly your appetite will go down and you will be able to better manage a calorie deficit.

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3. I have said this before and I will say it again. The only way to loose weight is calorie deficit, whichever diet you follow or don’t follow. But with Keto it becomes easier to control the calories as you don’t have any cravings left. And your appetite also reduces.

4. Fats are very filling so in the beginning eat a lot of good fats. I used to make & keep Keto bombs ready in my freezer for whenever hunger pangs may strike.

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5. Give it time. If done right the scales will show you differences after a month. The first 2 weeks you just loose the water weight. After that you will loose weight. In 2 months people will start notice to your weigh loss. By the 3rd month you will start fitting into your old clothes.

6. Eat simple meals. Fancy Keto Recipes also mean a lot of calories and flours like almond, flax , coconut also carry carbs . In the beginning keep it minimum.

I Follow @headban for awesome Keto Recipes.

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7. Cauliflower will be your new best friend. As will chicken, eggs and paneer. And spinach.

8. Don’t try to be perfect from day one or to lose from the first day on. Not going to happen.

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9. Stay away from sugar or artificial sweeteners or desserts as much as you can. Use Stevia or Erithyritol but only sparingly and if you really need it.

10. Eat all meals in the beginning. I would advise not to start Intermittent Fasting along with Keto. If you are doing IF alone without any diet then it should be fine. But with Keto it may be too much to start with. I started IF only after I was completely Keto Adoated. Now I do it along with Keto. But it depends on each person’s own abilities.

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11. Weight loss has to be slow. It was a slow gain so aim for a slow loss. You don’t want to loose your health. Never eat less than your calorific requirements. Don’t starve.

12. Eat a lot of greens and add it on each meal plate. Greener the better.

13. Drink a lot lot lot of water and take electrolytes. Some supplements are also advisable depending on your own health conditions.

14. Take pictures even if you don’t share them. It will tell you your real progresses. Keep a body measurement log too.

15. Go in with a prepared mind and body and not on a whim. It’s hard initially and the first month is test of will power and all things holy. You will face a Keto flu the first time which will make you cringe and almost give up.

Carb withdrawal is real. But trust me at the end of it you achieve freedom. Freedom from sugar and anything sweet. For me that has been my biggest achievement. Food can’t control me anymore and doesn’t have any power over me. I choose what I eat and that power isn’t something I am going to trade back anytime soon. Giving up Sugar is the best thing I have done for myself, healthwise. I still eat carbs from time to time but that is when I want to take a break.

Though frankly I have taken more breaks in a year than Is advised. You can’t cheat on Keto with a meal in between. Once you cheat, it throws you off for a month. The takes months for a body to get fat adapted and cheating can throw you off of it. So it’s better to stick to it for months on a stretch. I take them in two or three months but most experts advise against that too.

But if you do take a break, just get back on track. Don’t over think, don’t mull over it. Most importantly, don’t stay hanging there long. Get back on track the next day.

Hope this helps you to think about starting your own Ketogenic journey. Do give a read to all my blogs under the section Keto lifestyle on my page. And don’t forget to like and share this post if you found this article helpful. If you want to get all my posts whenever I write them, then please do follow my blog The Average Mom

And yes , please note that you need to start any diet or regimen only after getting a clear from your medical practitioner and only if you don’t have any underlying health conditions. Please be careful and mindful of all facts.

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