That’s us 5 years ago, on our vacation to Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand.Young and carefree, we were different people back then. Or were we? Do people change post becoming parents? Did you? I know there are at least 15 Funny Ways How Life changes post becoming a parent

Yeah I know all about the “parenting is the best thing to happen to me and it is blissful” etc BUT there is a lot that comes with it. Here are some of the very apparent Ways How Life changes post becoming a parent Tell me how many you can relate to

How Life changes post becoming a parent

15 Funny Ways How Life changes post becoming a parent


? Laundry never seems to be over. The world has come to an end and there’s only laundry left


? You become much more patient. You got to, when you are barefoot and step on Lego and you know you can’t even curse in pain coz the little one is watching and he will learn to say s*** before you can think ApeS***


? You become more resilient too. Getting kicked on the snout in the middle of night does that to you


? Ingredients and Labels have taken a whole new meaning. I wish they have a course on it for new parents


? Monthly budgets have changed from being focused on an entertainment oriented life to being focused on buying more of cleaning supplies and paraphernalia


? There is very less WE TIME


? There is no ME TIME


? Packing for a trip involves as much strategy as is probably needed to prepare a Border Defence Plan


? It is a struggle to keep the once shiny, impeccable house in some order


? It is impossible to keep the car clean. You just give up. It’s a lost cause anyway

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? Some paranormal forces are at work which cause the after effects of a tornado  in my son’s play room everyday. But I ain’t giving up on that yet. I got S*** covered so many times. I am a Pro now


? You are amazed at your own YO YO behaviour. You miss the tiny cuddle bug the whole day and then 5 minutes with him and you want to go hide in the bathroom coz you can’t answer any more questions


? You are constantly amazed at the level of energy they possess and your apparent lack of it


? How much your better half loves you was earlier calculated by the no. of outings/ flowers/ gifts etc. Now , it’s how many times did they clean or feed the tiny ‘Hooman’.

So you see, for us, though this was a life changing experience but we weren’t aware of the actual Ways How Life changes post becoming a parent

So as we battle on in this new journey, wish us more patience and luck

Until Next time,

Love Smita