The debate of vaginal vs. C Sec is always going on. And personally I do not think that any one is a better option than other. Whether a birth is normal delivery or C Sec, depends on a lot of factors including personal choices. But what is worrisome is the fact that many women are made to go through C section delivery even when they may not need it. Women should be able to make safe and suitable choices and not forced to go through any unethical medical practice. Low risk pregnant women should be able to give birth with a normal delivery if they wish to have it.

I have had a vaginal delivery and here are a few things that I feel are important for this.

  1. Doctor- Choose a doctor whom you can trust. You should be able to discuss everything with your doctor and your doctor should keep you fully informed about your health. If you want to have a vaginal delivery, please do check for the normal delivery rate of your gynecologist. Also do not be afraid to ask questions, it is after all your health. Read about my birth story here


  1. Lifestyle– Please do not consider my next point as judgmental, but you should avoid smoking and drinking before you try to get pregnant. Both these habits effect fertility and chances of conception. I myself do not drink or smoke and it is solely by personal choice as I don’t really enjoy drinking and am against smoking. And, I would strongly advocate that before trying to get pregnant, you should get rid of these habits. These may adversely affect pregnancy.


  1. Diet – Keep your weight and diet under check. The term “Eating for two” means that you need to take care that proper nutrients be taken which are necessary for fetal development and to maintain the health of self. You don’t need to double up your calorie intake just because you are pregnant. Be sure to check with your doctor and get a proper diet chart for yourself. Every woman’s body is different and no two pregnancies are same, thus each women will gain weight differently during pregnancy. Some gain very less weight and only their bellies grow in size, whereas some women tend to gain weight all over. But whatever be your case, try to keep a check on your weight.


  1. Tests – Your doctor may ask for quite a few tests and scans as your pregnancy progresses. Do not be afraid or wary of these, though you may definitely ask the purpose and reason of all tests. Doctors ask for tests and scans to rule out several anomalies and to check the progress of the fetus.


  1. Stay active – Keep yourself active throughout your pregnancy unless your doctor has asked you not to be. You are pregnant and not sick. I kept working all through my pregnancy and was in office the night before my son was born. I worked till the last day of my pregnancy. If you have a normal, low risk pregnancy, there is no reason that you should stop your daily routine.


  1. Exercise – Follow an exercise regimen. I used to work out 5 days a week before I got pregnant. When I became pregnant, my doctor asked me to keep working out till the first trimester, just but to decrease the intensity of my workout. If you walk or jog, then you should keep that up, with your doctor’s consent. If you are not used to working out, then you may consider taking up walking.


  1. Yoga and Birthing classes – Pre Natal Yoga and Breathing Classes are a great way to prepare your body for a normal delivery. I enrolled in one in my second trimester and was able to prepare my body for a vaginal delivery with the help of pelvic exercises, breathing practice and meditation.


  1. Stay away from stress and negativity – It is of utmost importance that you do not go through stress during pregnancy. Surround yourself with only positive people who love and cherish you, It may be easier said than done though. In that case, learn to turn away from negativity. Remember it is for the good of your newborn baby.


  1. Nest- Nesting is an important step towards the journey of motherhood, do what you find to be most interesting. Read baby books, or buy baby clothes and accessories, or design the baby’s room; whatever makes you and your partner happy, indulge in that. These are sweet memories for life.


  1. Birth Plan and Partner – If you intend to have a vaginal delivery, discuss and chart out your plan with your doctor. Most hospitals allow your birth partner to be with you during delivery, your partner should be someone with whom you will be relaxed and comfortable. Most women prefer to have either their spouse or their mother by their side. Also, discuss the use of Epidural with your doctor. Whether you will need it or not is decided by your doctor during labour. I did not need one and thus was not given an epidural.

Trust yourself and don’t worry too much about birth. It is the most natural thing in the world and the happiest one too, be it vaginal or be it C- section. Trust your instincts and your doctor.