I read somewhere that we need to treat Social media like the glossy magazines which we get and flip through for entertainment purposes. And that stuck me as a valid point. Now why did this above point strike me as important, because the truth is while most of us realise that social media is a curated expression controlled by the creators own perception of self, yet, we still get swayed by it from time to time and get wrapped up in its overwhelming perfection. And there are people, a part of the audience, who is infact probably under the belief that all of this is real. So I bring to you my 10 commandments on how to treat Social Media.

I say this because I have myself gone through this where in I have believed the pictures. I have seen and thought, when they can achieve so much how come I am not able to? When they can afford so much, how come I can’t do that too? When they can be so perfect, how come I ain’t too? And that has at times made me question my capabilities and my achievements. Now I am not a someone who always feels like this; most of the times I am pretty pleased with myself.

But yes, there are times when I have presumed myself to be totally incompetent, stupid & a massive failure. Let’s not blame Social Media alone for this. This feeling of comparing & feeling lesser, of showing off and hiding our insecurities has been a part of our human psyche since long before that. Social media has just helped to increase its reach and effect multiple times.

It’s important to not get swayed by the picture

What we need to very clearly understand is that it’s not exactly the way it is portrayed here. What we see are curated bits of our lives, showing off the best parts of it. And hey! Why not? After all, we all love doing that. We even love seeing the well curated highlights, the pretty pictures, the on point dressing, the beautiful vacation snaps, the gourmet spreads.

I don’t want to share the dull not so colourful bits from my day with you and neither do you want to see it. For most of us, Social Media is not a place to wash & hang to dry either our dirty or boring laundry. And that’s fine as long as we are aware that it’s a slightly fake picture.

Ok may be it is not a fake picture but it’snot a whole picture. Like when clicking photos at home, you push away the mess from view. Same way, we push away the mess and showcase only the best. But Please be aware, of these 10 commandments when browsing through social media.

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10 Commandments for using Social Media positively

1. Cindy Crawford once famously said, that even she doesn’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford. So no, no one looks well turned out all the time. Everyone has bad hair, bad skin or just bad days. They don’t post those & why should they?

2. Yes, they got another promotion & won the best something award at their workplace. It Doesn’t mean that they never ever had a horrible boss, or a coworker pulling them down. Most often that not, they really worked hard for this.

3. No she isn’t always feeding her kids organic, healthy home cooked food. There are days when they eat from a box.

4. No one goes to the gym daily or eats healthy always. Unless they are a trainer and it’s their job.

5. Plush houses, luxurious cars,high end buys are inevitably shown off, but there is a lot of grit and sweat that goes behind getting those, which isn’t shown.

6. Relationships aren’t only the lovey dovey pics. There are a lot of understandings and adjustments, fights and makeups behind the curtains.

7. Not everyone is BFF with everyone. Some of it is pretend, some fake & forced. Many pictures are just that, pictures.

8. Not everyone is always having a great time all time. There may be loneliness, Illness, crisis in life, directionless which they are trying to deal with.

9. Kids aren’t always sweet & smart. Sometimes they are downright impossible and so are moms & dads. They don’t have their shit together all the time. They do shout & loose it.

10. And lastly no one is Sweet & nice all the time. Even if they look like that on their profile pictures.

So treat social media with a pinch of salt only for entertainment. It’s a good place to be influenced too as long as we do it with a bit of maturity. 

Until Next time,

Love  Smita