It is #Lockdown Part 5 here and it’s Monday again! Bet you didn’t realise that 😀 Here are some tips on working from home while maintaining #worklifebalance

Maintaining Work-Life Balance
Maintaining Work Life Balance
Here are my 10 nuggets of wisdom on maintaining Work Life Balance during #Workingfromhome during this #Lockdown

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10 Tips for Working From Home during Lockdown

How to maintain Work Life Balance While Working From Home

How to maintain Work Life Balance While Working From Home
How to maintain Work Life Balance While Working From Home

🌟 Work Out a schedule with your partner

Work up a schedule with your spouse / partner and plan your work day commitments, try to schedule your work calls/ meetings in a way that it doesn’t clash and one of you can be with the kids when the other one is upper busy. Keep each other informed of your work goals for the day.

🌟 Switch off at a Fixed Time

Switch off at a fixed time, don’t let the work load cloud your whole day. It is relaxing to switch off & spend time with family.

Finding Work-Life Balance
Finding Work-Life Balance
🌟 Find a time when you can work without being disturbed

Finish your important projects etc at a time when you are sure you won’t be disturbed. This could be after you put kids to bed etc. this clashes with the above rule thus ensure that you don’t end up doing everything. I just finish things that are very important or need me to concentrate a lot at night sometimes.

🌟 Socialise

Have a family or a friends call after work hours.

🌟 Do something Fun

Try to keep up one of your hobbies, whatever makes you relax.

🌟 Do some physical Activity

Keep up some physical activity, do something that keeps you healthy and happy, even for half an hour.

🌟 Share with your partner & family

Talk to your partner about their work day and talk about your own with them. You may not be socialising but doesn’t mean you don’t have things you need to share.

🌟Have Dinner on time
🌟 No work on Weekends

Don’t work on weekends if your work doesn’t entail working weekends. It’s easy to blur the lines & keep working as you are WFH. Stop that.


Go to sleep on time & don’t spend nights binge watching everything on Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hotstar 😜.

Love 💕